Boracay Skim Boarding – In Black and White

Mar 30

Skim Boarding Gang

I don’t know how to skim board but it was interesting to take photos of those who do it.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese Lunar New Year 2013

Feb 09

Dragon Dancers 1

Dragon dancers

I’ve frequented Binondo (Manila Chinatown) a lot but I have never been there during the Chinese New Year Celebrations. Today was my first time. I brought some Polish friends to Binondo to let them experience celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year at the oldest Chinatown in the world. Red was the predominant color all around (red for good luck!).

We had some Kutchay (chive) dumplings at Dong Bei and some snacks at the Mezzanine (Fireman’s Cafe). Of course the Chinese New Year isn’t complete without watching the dragon dance and of course bring home some Tikoy (sweet rice cake)..

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Loved the Cold Breeze in Kapatagan Valley, Davao Del Sur

Jul 01

Path Going to Kublai's Agong House

Towards Kublai Millan’s Agong House

I never knew that there is another place in the Philippines aside from provinces in Northern Philippines which have colder temperatures compared to the humid Metro Manila until I have actually stepped foot on it. During the recent Davao Food Appreciation Tour, I was able to feel the cold breeze in Southern Philippines. It is located in Kapatagan Valley, Davao del Sur which is at the foot of Mount Apo which by the way is the highest mountain in the Philippines.

We visited Mount Apo Highland Resort, Kublai Millan’s Agong House and Mount Apo Civet Coffee Farm. Everything was breath-taking especially feeling the cold breeze through my skin. The place is a great for taking landscape photos. 

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Plastic Straw Weaver at Bencab Museum

Jun 11

Lady Weaving Plastic Straws

Benedicto Cabrera, or more popularly known as Bencab, is one of the Philippines’ National Artist for Visual Arts. When I was recently in Baguio, I did not miss the chance of not visiting his museum.

Aside from his own art works, there were also art works that were created by different Filipino artists. While roaming around the museum, I noticed the beautiful view of mountain ranges at the veranda. Another one that caught my attention was the lady seated on the floor at the veranda and weaving plastic straws.

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Finally, Masskara Festival!

Oct 18

Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 26

The very first time I went to Bacolod, I already fell in love with the place. I liked the people, history and most especially their food! I promised to myself that I need to experience the Masskara Festival, one of the world’s best festivals. I am a Masskara virgin so I sought advice from a blogger friend Eric of for some tips in watching the street dance. 

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The Bell Tower Is Sinking!

Aug 25

Belfry of St. William's Cathedral in a Frame

Let’s play a game. The bell tower is sinking, group yourselves into 54,827.19.

Haha. Just for laughs. :) .

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Paraiso ni Juan – A Magnificent Grotto in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur

Aug 22


Paraiso ni Juan in Narvacan


While we were travelling to Sta. Maria, we passed by coastal area of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. Aside from its beautiful view, we can’t help but notice the grotto on top of a rock. This grotto is called Paraiso ni Juan, named after Captain Juan de Salcedo.  The captain’s fleet was shipwrecked in this area. Historians say that he named this place Narvacan because he thought that this was what the locals were saying to him while being rescued.  Apparently, the locals were only asking him “nalbakan” meaning “are you shipwrecked?”. Interesting story indeed on how Narvacan was named. 

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