Wikipedia Takes Manila

Burial Plot of Thomasites - Manila North Cemetery

Burial Plot of Thomasites at the North Cemetery

No matter how long one has lived in one place, one still has something to new to discover. I’ve been a Manileña for almost 28 years and there are still so much to discover in this beautiful city. There are a lot of stories to hear about Manila. Last month we participated in Wikipedia Takes Manila, a photo marathon contest within Manila. Our task was to take photos of different spots in Manila to be contributed to different Wikipedia entries.

Plaza Felipe Calderon in Sta. Ana, Manila

Plaza Felipe Calderon in Sta. Ana

We went around in Manila particularly in these places – Tondo, Divisoria, Quiapo, Sta. Mesa, Sta. Ana, Paco and Pandacan. Some of these are quite common to me because I live near those areas.

There were a lot of learnings about the places we’ve been to. For example, the Burial Plot of the Thomasites – this is where the First American teachers in the Philippines were buried. North Cemetery officials were quite strict with photography and one of them gladly accompanied us to the burial plot.

The Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Manila

Golden Mosque in Quiapo

The Golden Mosque was also something new to me. The mosque is located in the Muslim area in Quiapo. I was wearing shorts at that time and Muslims were looking at me. I know that it’s a big taboo for them to see a woman showing some skin.

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