Rediscovering Jose Rizal In Luneta Park

Rizal Monument in Luneta Park 2

I’ve been living in Manila for almost 27 years of my life but I have never experienced Luneta Park the way I experienced it before. The most obvious thing in Luneta Park, the Rizal Monument, is already given when you think about Luneta Park but I never realized that one can rediscover¬† Jose Rizal by going to Luneta Park.

Rizal's Death Squad 3 in Luneta Park

Holy Saturday, was a usual day for us bloggers who wanted to explore culture and history around the metro. Aside from satisfying our gastronomic desires, we also satisfy our thirst to capture a glimpse of Philippine culture. And so we went to Luneta Park after feasting on must-eat restaurants in Binondo.

Audience Seats of Rizal's Death in Luneta Park

New discovery for me (probably not for some). There is a place in Luneta which is about Rizal’s last few days before his execution. These more than life size brass sculptures give the audience of what happened during the last days of Jose Rizal. At night, there is a light and sound show wherein tourists can learn about the life of Jose Rizal. The show costs Php 50 per adult and a lower price for children. Schedule of the evening Light and Sound Shows are: Wednesday to Sunday at 7-7:30 p.m. for the Tagalog version and 8-8:30 p.m. for the English version.

Rizal's Death in Luneta Park

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