Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore 2

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

It’s been a long time since I first arrived in Singapore (around 2001) and a lot has changed. At that time, I still don’t have a digital camera so it was quite hard to get a decent photo. I was there with Karla last September and it was our first international travel together. 🙂

For our first night in Singapore, we went out with Karla’s friends who are based in Singapore for dinner in Lau Pa Sat. Afterwards, we walked around the Raffles and Marina Bay area. The Marina Bay Sands is one of the newest five star hotels in Singapore. The top of the building looked like an arc ready to sail away. We didn’t go up anymore but Karla’s friends say that there is an infinity pool and a good spot to see the entire city. Visitors can go up there for SGD 20 (around Php 660).

Giant Cooling Fans at the Marina Bay Area in Singapore

Giant Cooling Fans in Raffles

It was very warm in Singapore when we went there, just like in Manila so these giant cooling fans can cool you down a bit. It looked like space ships though 🙂 .

Standard Chartered Building in Singapore

Standard Chartered Building in Singapore

The Raffles area is their business district, this is where most of the banks are located. One of my favorite buildings is the Standard Chartered Building. It really looks nice at night.

Helix Bridge 2

The Double Helix Bridge

Aside from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, there’s also a new attraction in Singapore which is the Double Helix Bridge.  The bridge is first of its kind and it opened last April 2010. It’s connecting Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Youth Olympic Park. The Double Helix Bridge is really a marvelous architectural structure and it really looks great at night.

Helix Bridge 3

Helix Bridge

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