Loved the Cold Breeze in Kapatagan Valley, Davao Del Sur

Path Going to Kublai's Agong House

Towards Kublai Millan’s Agong House

I never knew that there is another place in the Philippines aside from provinces in Northern Philippines which have colder temperatures compared to the humid Metro Manila until I have actually stepped foot on it. During the recent Davao Food Appreciation Tour, I was able to feel the cold breeze in Southern Philippines. It is located in Kapatagan Valley, Davao del Sur which is at the foot of Mount Apo which by the way is the highest mountain in the Philippines.

We visited Mount Apo Highland Resort, Kublai Millan’s Agong House and Mount Apo Civet Coffee Farm. Everything was breath-taking especially feeling the cold breeze through my skin. The place is a great for taking landscape photos. 

Man with Scooter Under the Pine Tree

Man in a Scooter Under a Pine Tree – At Kublai’s Agong House

Kublai Millan's Sculpture in Agong House

One of Kublai Millan’s Sculptures

Kublai Millan is a popular sculptor in Mindanao. He has a vast land with different sculptures that he created. You will be truly amazed with this man’s talent.

DFAT participants enjoying the view of Mt. Apo

Davao Food Appreciation Tour Participants looking at Mount Apo. It was my first time to see Mount Apo a bit up close. 🙂

Lake Mirror at Mt. Apo Highland Resort 2

Lake Mirror at Mount Apo Highland Resort

Flowers at Mt. Apo Highland Resort 3

Purple Flowers at Mt. Apo Highland Resort

Countryside View from the Coffee Farm

Countryside view from the Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm

Civet Cat Shelters at Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm

Civet Cat Shelters at Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm

For more photos, please visit my Flickr > Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012.

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