Finally, Masskara Festival!

Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 26

The very first time I went to Bacolod, I already fell in love with the place. I liked the people, history and most especially their food! I promised to myself that I need to experience the Masskara Festival, one of the world’s best festivals. I am a Masskara virgin so I sought advice from a blogger friend Eric of for some tips in watching the street dance.¬†


There were 2 street dances held last weekend, first was the schools category wherein elementary and secondary students showed everybody that they can be at par with the adults. This was held last October 15th, Saturday. Then the next day, the street dances were from the barangay category.

Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 2

I used my partner’s Canon 500D in shooting these photos rather than my usual point and shoot camera. She decided to use her new Lumix GF2 because of its lightweight. This was now my opportunity to practice shooting using a DSLR. A lot of photographers were there and most of them have the photographer’s pass. By the way, you can avail this by shelling out PHP500. We didn’t get the photographer’s pass anymore because officials were only strict at the beginning of the parade then eventually, I was able to sneak in at the middle of the parade for more action. We were shooting at the area of Lizares and Araneta. This is where the parade begins and it’s not too crowded compared to staying in the Libertad area.

Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 17

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Masskara street dances. This was my first time to witness this kind of event in my whole life and it was worth it. Actually being there on the streets made me proud to be Filipino. Witnessing Filipino ingenuity come to life is something to be proud of.

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Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 19

Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 23
Masskara Festival 2011 (Schools Category) 13



You can see my set of photos in my Flickr account here.

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