Canon Photomarathon 2010 – Thanks for Choosing my Photo as One of the Winners!

Never in my life have I imagined that I will win any place at the Canon Photomarathon. It was my first time to join and the competition was really tough. There were 3 categories: DSLR, Point and Shoot and Video Category. Since I don’t have an DSLR, I only submitted photos from my Canon SX110IS and Karla’s Canon S90,obviously they will only be qualified for the Point and Shoot category. The Canon Photomarathon was last month to be exact and they only announced the winner for my category last week. It was surprising indeed that my photo was chosen. I somewhat got a hint when someone from Canon’s PR called me and was asking me to submit my photo again. He told me that they will be announcing the winner.I just waited for the official email to confirm that my entry won.

Thanks to Canon and to the judges who considered my photo. I’m a photo contest virgin!

I just recently claimed my prize, a Canon Ixus 1000 HS. I was able to shake the hands of Canon President and CEO Mr. Alan Chng. I also was able to meet the other winners, they got nicer shots than mine!

By the way, here are the other photos I took during the Canon Photomarathon 2010.


Waiting for Fish

Child Crying in a Red Slide

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