Boracay: You’re Lightyears Away From Me

I am writing something about Boracay here in my travel photo blog. The irony is that you will be seeing texts all through out this blog post and not a single photo of Boracay because I HAVE NOT BEEN TO BORACAY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

The oddest thing is that my mom is from Romblon, which is just a pump boat away. I go to my mom’s home town almost every year when I was a child but never had the chance to go to Boracay. I guess we had the notion that it was too expensive and that the Tablas Island was the cheapest thing we can afford. My mom’s a single mom and only relied on the fixed amount of money that my dad provides to us every month. Although my father would take us to international travels when he was still alive, it’s a struggle for us to request that we want to go to Boracay. My dad wasn’t really a beach person.

To explain how I feel right now of being a Boracay virgin and borrowing some lines from the song of Eraserheads entitled “Lightyears”:

However near is still so far
It’s like you’re light years away
You’re light years away from me

Now that I am working, my goal is to bring my mom to Boracay with my own money. This is the reason why I want to win the SEAIR & Microtel Boracay Bloggers’ Tour because no. 1, I want to take a picture of Boracay and no. 2 see where I can bring my mom when I decide to bring her there. She’s not young anymore so I have to look for places and activities where she can enjoy.

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