Architectures Around Little India and Lavender in Singapore

Pertain Road in Singapore

Singapore is a country of mixed cultures co-existing with each other. There are Indians, Chinese, Malays and Filipinos among the others living and working in Singapore. Cross cultural influences are very evident in their everyday lives. I was able to see the cross-cultural influence by looking at their architectures.

Plumer Road in Singapore

While I was in Singapore, I stayed in the Lavender area and Karla, her sister and boyfriend and I would usually walk towards the nearest MRT. We would usually walk for 2 – 3 blocks and I always loved seeing the fusion architecture around the Little India and Lavender area. The combination of “tradition” and “modern” (or the dichotomy) co-exist with each other. Some say that having this kind of set up, is bound to end. Some would say, like the cultural purists, that this is just a facade but in reality, the “culture” is now gone.

Architecture in Kitchener Road, Singapore

Culture is both dynamic and adaptive. It is the locals duty to continue their culture even though there are new cultures influencing them. Resistance to new cultures or ideas is natural however forcing one’s mind to become purist won’t do any good.

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