The Author

Kaladkaring Paa is a term used in Filipino which pertains to someone who has an “itch” to go out, thus I named this blog as such to describe my curiosity to go out and explore the Philippines and even the world.

This travel photo blog is my attempt in photography; a place for me to showcase my amateur photos during my travels using my hefty point and shoot camera. Hopefully, when I’m already good, I can buy my own DSLR camera.

Sharlyne Ang is a graduate of AB Sociology in UP Diliman. She also blogs at (personal and music blog), Foodtrippings! (food blog),  Pinoy LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Blog), and Pinoy Travelr (travel blog).  She currently works as a Human Resources Coordinator for Asia Pacific at Alexander Mann Solutions and a freelance writer/blogger..

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